Date posted: August 18, 2010




I do not care about how much money you have in the bank – if you did not earn it yourself!

I do not care about what car you drive – unless you paid for it!

I do not care about the ring in that box – if you are not the one who got it for me!

I do not care about that title on your business card – if it has nothing to do with how hard you worked!

I do not care about that house you showed me – unless it is truly yours!

I do not even care about your name, looks, or religion – for all of those things have been bestowed upon you!

Fashion, clothes, brand names, hair style, and skin color – none of that defines your existence!

From one nest to the other – you are the eagle who never knew how high it could soar!

From your father’s property to your husband’s property – Is that all you could be?

A minor until you die? Is that what you really are?

So let me ask you again … Who are you? Why are you? What are you?

Why were you created? What is the purpose of your existence? What is your contribution to the universe? Why do you get up in the morning? How well do you sleep at night? What are your beliefs? What do you stand for? How do you measure up against your own benchmarks?

Hey You!


Find the answers within you!

Sloth is a deadly sin … cursed are those lazy whining good-for-nothing self-pitying souls! 

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