They all leave me … the same way!

Date posted: October 6, 2010

My first ex whom I was with for 4 years, left me after telling me he will meet my parents, and asking me to prelude the way for them, he emailed me in the same day he was coming that he didnt want us to be together anymore, i got over him and I knew he wasnt mature enough to face or confront

my second, told me he likes me very much and then asked me for time to "think" about getting serious (which is something he offered not me) and then i havent heard of him again

my third, he knew about that, he healed me and he understood me, the only promise he made that he will never ignore or leave me that way (specially that he knows that am a very open minded and i can take anything as long as it presents in a grownup way) and guess what? he did the same, one day we were together the next he's ignoring me completely, I tried sending an email telling him that i dont feel ok and i was all supporting and understanding and told him if he's having a rough patch i can be patient, and all am asking him was to talk to me, and he kept on ignoring me, then i get the msg, and i was so angry that i txted him to break up 2al heya gat mn 3andi, cause i couldnt take it for the third time, and again, he kept on ignoring

i keep telling myself that am worthy that i deserve better but hell that all just utter bullshit, I am not, and there is no better, no body even care to say goodbye. and its not about them leaving cause i can take that, what i cant take is disrespecting me that way, is ignoring me the same way, everyfreakingtime, without having fights without making excuses without any apparent reasons, of course there are reasons, and i wish i knew to fix them!

tell me how can i ever trust anyone again, or have any faith, or how can i feel safe or worthy again, this is so brutal

There must be a pattern … there must be something that you are doing that leads to this repetitive result.
I don’t know you but here are some common mistakes
1) Being too nice, too accommodating, too available, or too eager (While you think that you are winning the guy and reassuring him that he is making the right decision by committing to you, you are actually making him take you for granted, lose interest, and seek to hunt elsewhere.)
2) Showing how alike you are excessively (He gets the feeling that you are faking, that something is wrong, or that this is too good to be true which means that it is not good or not true.)
3) Insecurity or despair (Insecure or desperate girls are a turn off. In the beginning, he is attracted to the little insecure frightened girl within and he will do his best to comfort you. He will try to prove that he is the different man until you fully trust him and then the challenge will be gone and the hunt will be over.)
4) If he senses that you just want to get married … you want to get married to any man not to him in particular.
5) If your words and inconsistent with your actions
There are other reasons also that have to do more with your attitude towards yourself and towards life
For example, if you keep thinking that he will leave you … you will end up pushing him away and fulfilling this ominous prophecy. You will emit insecure vibes that will just alienate him from you. He will feel that something must be wrong with you and that's why you are always afraid of being dumped.
You also need to examine your choices. What kind of men do you go for? What do those exes have in common?
Maybe you get attracted to men with issues because deep down you think that they will be too grateful to have you in their lives and that they would never leave you.
The rule of thumb here is: healthy women attract healthy men (you can replace healthy by any other adjective and it will still work) 🙂
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