Food for Thought – 2

Date posted: August 16, 2009


My mission in life is to get people to think and to question their beliefs. Every article I wrote should take you my dear reader on a soul-searching mind-flossing trip in an attempt to set your mind free of guilt and traditions. Maybe one day you will be able to achieve a higher level of self awareness and accountability for your own actions and choices. How different would our lives be if we stop being what others expect us to be and – for once – be who we were created to be? Wouldn’t it be nice to aspire for all the things that we were told that we could never do and would never have?


“Karma: What goes around comes around! I hope his evil deeds catch up with him later on in life and I get to see him suffer.” Those were her concluding words to me in an email that reeked of pain and agony; she was hurting inside out. Vengeance, retaliation, sweet revenge, and seeing him suffer were the only things on her mind.

I meet a lot of people every day with the same thoughts in their heads and they wait and wait and wait for karma to happen. I was one of those people too until I learnt how karma works. Yes, I believe that life is fair and that you should do as you would be done by. I have seen every single person who hurt me suffer and my craving for vindication has been satisfied.

Imagine if you could control that? Imagine if you had the power to make those who hurt you pay for their mistakes (smile … I am about to tell you).

Step 1: Do not deny yourself the right to grieve; pain hurts … live it … go through it … allow it to tear you to pieces … cry … wallow in self pity … roll over and play dead.

Step 2: Look yourself in the eye and confess … if you could go back in time what would you do, or what would you not do, to avoid the inevitable result?

Step 3: Keep looking in the mirror … acknowledge your mistakes! Yes, accountability is a key factor. Playing victim forever will never set karma in action! Take responsibility for your share of mistakes that lead to the state you are in now. In plain English … do not be too proud to admit your follies.

Step 4: Keep looking in the mirror … what are the lessons you have learnt from that experience? What did it add to you? If the answer is bitterness or anger or any negative feeling go back to step 2 and 3.In this life there are no regrets … only lessons. So what did you learn? How did that experience make you a better person? What did it add to you?

Step 5: Give your back to the experience and push it to your memories box

Life will test you to make sure that you did not cheat your way into any of those steps; you will be put to similar tests and if you fail then you learnt nothing and do not deserve sweet revenge. You will be faced with that thing or person again and again, if it evokes negative feelings, then you cheated step 5. If you pass all the tests … you will see that person suffer … but because you have managed the above 5 steps, you will neither care about nor enjoy their suffering.

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