Dear MAN … I love you

Date posted: October 3, 2008

Dear MAN

I love you 
Why do my words sound so void?
Why do my lines feel so empty?
More than love that you deserve.
If I have something more precious than my heart
I would have given it to you
Let me tell you why

My dear beloved man

1. You make prince-charming look so pale next to you
2. You make me smile every time I look at you
3. You make me smile every time I think of you
4. You make me smile every time I remember how I felt being with you
5. You are the one person who read into my book
6. You are the one person who saw through me
7. You are the one person who understood beyond my words
8. You make me laugh like a little girl
9. You make me feel like a grown up woman
10. You make fun of my perks
11. You love my perks
12. You love my curls
13. you love my eyes
14. You are speechless when you see me … yet I fully comprehend your silence
15. You are so brave
16. You undressed your scars before me
17. You showed me the scared little boy inside of you
18. You are not proud
19. You are not arrogant
20. You are not fake
21. You do not judge me
22. You do not upset me
23. You laugh at my silly jokes
24. You are entertained by my silly stories
25. I tried to scare you away so hard … you stayed
26. I took you for a tour on my dark side … you stayed
27. I did my very best to intimidate you … you stayed
28. You are a great mind-reader
29. You listen to my shows
30. You are a man of your word
31. You have principles
32. You said you are proud of me … no one meant it before
33. You said you no longer liked superman … you found me
34. You said I am your hero
35. You said I am too delicate … no one else knows
36. You said we have a problem … you do not like me … you do not love me … you are deeply in love with me
37. You said that I am not like the others … all the others
38. You said you trust me
39. You said you understood me
40. You said you will not interfere with my work
41. You said you will support me with my mission
42. You said you will stop analyzing me
43. You love me unconditionally
44. You are not trying to change me
45. You are not trying to stifle my voice
46. You accept me as I am and for who I am
47. You laugh like a little boy
48. You talk like a real man
49. You are a real man
50. You are the best man
51. You are the different man
52. You are the perfect man
53. You are romantic
54. You never cease to surprise me
55. You made me a CD
56. You got me flowers
57. You proved to me that God answers prayers
58. You like me without makeup
59. You let me go out with you in pigtails
60. You come to me when you need to talk
61. You come to me when you need to laugh
62. You come to me when you are ok
63. You come to me when you are not ok
64. You let me draw for you
65. You sing for me
66. You make funny faces
67. You pick up my bad habits and I find it cute
68. You teach me good habits and I find it cute
69. I steal food off of tables and you find it cute
70. I beg for food from strangers and you still find it cute
71. I embarrass you in public and again you find it cute
72. Everyday I say you can't get any cuter and the day after you prove me wrong
73. Everyday I say I cannot love you more and the day after you prove me wrong
74. Everyday I say you will be gone and the day after you prove me wrong
75. Everyday I say I do not deserve you and the day after you prove me wrong
76. I respect you
77. I look up to you
78. I trust you
79. I love talking to you
80. I love listening to you
81. I love being around you
82. I love loving you
83. I love you
84. You taught me the meaning of compromise
85. You reminded me that with great power comes great responsibility
86. You are my role-model
87. You have a kind heart
88. You are a better person than I am
89. You are empathetic and you are so good at it
90. My love is just not enough yet accepted it and embraced it with more love
91. You said that if there 10 of me you would still choose me
92. You make me happy
93. I promise to keep that smile on your face
94. You clean your house
95. You chew Clorets
96. You know how to handle me
97. You learnt my language
98. I was born … I died … I am reborn
99. I asked you to marry me … to make me yours … I never asked that of anyone
100. You had better agree before I change my mind

Dear man
I am just a woman in love and I really do not know why. For all the reasons I mentioned above do not do you any justice. I just love you … and come what may.

I am taking off my masks; 
Putting down my guns
I am unarmed.
I am just a girl.
Our differences I want to set aside.
Our similarities let's unite.
Our past I shall erase
With the present I shall replace.
I need to love you.

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