Dear MAN – Where are you?

Date posted: February 14, 2009


Dear MAN

I have searched hundreds of faces looking for you.

I have been to too many places but where are you?


In my heart I have carried a love too strong;

for the one man in whose arms I belong.


I once gave up ? forgive my despair;

Ups and downs ? my heart I did impair.


My wounds have healed;

My heart is no longer sealed.


Come into my life for I am ready.

Don?t let go ? trust me I am ready.


I will close my eyes and count to three;

I will open my heart and set you free.


If you are really mine you will come back to me;

or I will know that we were never meant to be.


My dear MAN,


If I were to invite a special guest to my humble abode, I would make sure that the house is spotless clean, that I have juice, fruits, and dinner to offer, that I am well-dressed and well-groomed, that I am cheerful, welcoming, and attentive, that I am courteous and caring, that my guest does not wait at the door, and that my company is pleasant and entertaining. You my dear man are not in any way less important or less special than this guest.


My personal resolution for 2009 is to get married; I have announced that to everyone I know. This is a lot of work. I need to make sure that my heart is spotless clean, that my wounds have healed and that anger no longer finds a home inside of me. I want to make sure that I have love, dedication, and happiness to offer you. Like a long awaited guest, you shall find me well-dressed and well-groomed. I promise to be cheerful, welcoming, and attentive. I know that I could only appeal to you by being courteous and caring. I shall no longer keep my eyes fixed on the past. I am your magnet so please find your way to me.


Dear Prince Charming,


You had better be a prince

and you had better be charming

for I have no more tolerance for thugs and rogues.


I know that I am demanding

I know that I am picky

but I promise to make it worth your while.


Have me ?

If only you knew the love I am aching to give you.


Have me ?

for the first time I am willing to give all of me.


Have me ?

make me yours for I will be forever yours.


Yours truly,


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