Dear GOD

Date posted: June 23, 2009

Dear GOD

I woke up today with tears in my eyes – tears that defied gravity and decided to linger there for a bit. My heart was sad and on the verge of despair. I closed my eyes again as I wanted to let go of life. I shut down my senses one by one as I focused on the waves my breathing created under the cover. I imagined that I was floating on the surface of an endless sea as I opened my arms and let go of the pain. Rolling down my cheeks were drops of my soul that added to the deep blue. I know I was wrong. I know that I made a mistake. It was an error of judgment out of weakness or despair. I have sinned against myself. I allowed a man to tarnish the beauty of my soul.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Rainbow drops filled my room. The sun hailed me from behind the curtains. I smiled back for today is a new day. My furry babies opened their eyes … oh God bless their softness and endless warmth. I pulled the curtains aside and opened the window to greet the world. My little green buds in their pots seemed to smile at me. I smiled at the baby blue sky that wrapped me in comfort and inner peace. A soft morning breeze blew into my hair and sung to my soul. The scent of roses, jasmine, and amber filled my lungs as I took a sip of my warm tea. A little brown bird stood by my side and said something along the lines of "it will be alright". My body warmed back to life as I felt my heart overflowing with love. Why was I ready to let go … and miss out on such a lovely day?

Dear GOD,

Thank you for giving me the power to regenerate my soul. 
Thank you for saving me from the clutches of despair. 
Thank you for looking after me. 
Thank you for pushing him away. 
Thank you for healing my heart every time it's been hurt.
Thank you for saving me from one doomed relationship after another.
Thank you for washing away my unforgivable sins against myself.
Thank you for giving me faith and firm beliefs. 
Thank you for giving me the strength to fight darkness and hypocrisy. 
Thank you for giving me a voice. 
Thank you for giving me the senses to feel your embrace.
Thank you for the gift of life, 
and for giving me the senses to indulge in its beauty.

Yours truly,

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