Date posted: September 1, 2009

Since God knows when, I have been told over and over that human beings are God's most perfect creation; that we are His favorite creature, that we were created in the best form, that we were blessed with the power of logical thinking, and that we are accountable for our actions. I used to adamantly believe in the perfection of the human race until recently when I came to the conclusion that we are God's most flawed creatures … we are like a software full of glitches … a machine with a an outdated manual … we are flawed!



Exhibit A: Self Confidence

How many people think that they should have had different hair, complexion, eye shape, eye color, ears, nose, lips, teeth, weight, form, shape, volume, height, waist, legs, feet, hands, nails, &%^^, **()*), or @#@$$?
How many people feel insecure about how they talk, walk, smile, eat, feel, and think? How many of us – perfect creatures – are eaten up by jealousy, possessiveness, competitiveness, and eagerness to please? Do you ever feel that you are not good enough … no matter how rich, how strong, how pretty, how famous, how intelligent, or how intellectual?

Do you fear old age? Do wrinkles scare you? Does the thought of dying freak you out? Do you feel helpless? Limited? Failed? Average?

Have you seen those ads on TV promising you better looks, a better career, or a lottery?

Exhibit B: Affection

This is a practical joke. When you are in love, you are scared and melancholic. When you are not in love, you are sad and stressed out. When you want to express affection you either over do it or under do it. When you have a partner you mess it up and when you don't have one you mess up your life in search of one. How perfect is that?

For some reason men are not compatible with women; they speak different languages, have different needs, and seem to be at war since Adam and Eve. Men were created physically polygamous and women were created emotionally monogamous. No matter how many books were written to bridge the gap between the two genders the gap seems to grow wider from generation to the other.

There is no justification up to date why passion and reason clash all the time. Why do we always fall for the wrong people? Why do we fail to snap out of it? Ok … you do not believe me? Take this: There is no such thing as love! Your brain tricks you into all those feelings by excreting chemicals that give you the happy go lucky effect then after you are addicted to the feeling, your mind begins finding fault with your loved one. This is how you always feel that you are trapped between a rock and a hard place … stay and put up with the wrong partner or end it and deal with the withdrawal symptoms!

Have you seen those ads on TV promising you better looks, a better career, or a lottery to win the heart of a loved one?

Exhibit C: The Mind

If morals and ethics are so clear; if we all know that we should not lie, cheat, kill, steal, or sin, then why do we do? "He was absent-minded" … "she was out of her mind", and many more statements to justify stupidity … yes … plain stupidity!

Have you ever heard yourself lying to yourself? Have you ever deluded yourself intentionally? Have you ever argued for and against the same point at the same time? Have you ever watched a kitten chase its tail? Have you watched it as an adult outgrow that habit? Have you watched yourself going in circles thinking they were straight lines? Have you realized that you are – and will be – a kitten chasing its tail forever?

Have you seen those ads on TV promising you better looks, a better career, or a lottery to win the heart of a loved one? Have you seen yourself falling for their tricks? Believing that you will be prettier, slimmer, richer, or smarter? Believing that by being anyone other than yourself, you will find the love of your life!!!


I rest my case!

We are God's most flawed creatures … fu**ed up beyond repair with a self destructive streak and an auto eject button … we lie and believe our lies … we make promises then we forget about them … we need to document every single thing for self-preservation purposes. We are willing to say absolutely anything to get from point A to point B in the least possible time with the least possible effort and the least possible cost … furthermore … midway … between point A and B we could easily get distracted by real or imaginary other points on the way … then we create documents, laws, and rules and entertain ourselves by finding loopholes … it is as though this world was created for the sole purpose of your, and our, amusement.

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