Date posted: August 1, 2009

1. It takes away from your happiness instead of adding to it (you are growing sadder by the minute)

2. It feels lonelier than when you were alone (loneliness is a feeling that is accentuated by neglect)

3. You feel that they will not answer the phone most of the times you call (deep down you feel unwanted)

4. You feel that you will be let down … again! (it has happened so many times that now it has become the norm)

5. You no longer enjoy your own company (you take your restlessness with you wherever you go)

6. You no longer enjoy life (everything is just pale and uninteresting)

7. You do not recognize your own reflection in the mirror (you hate how weak you are)

8. Your partner is negative and easily put down (switched off and worn out most of the time)

9. Your partner sounds depressed most of the time (specially over the phone)

10. Your partner is depressed over stupid insignificant issues (That is how self-centered that person is)

11. Your partner does not go out of his/her way for you (driving over to see you is such a tiresome effort .. or why pick you up if you have a car … or why cancel an outing when you are under the weather …etc.)

12. Your partner has to choose between his/her friends and you (and they always win)

13. Your partner does not give you gifts (stingy)

14. Your partner does not plan surprises for you (uncreative .. and could not care less)

15. Your partner takes you for granted (you will always be there no matter what he does)

16. You feel inhibited and judged most of the time (you just can't talk)

17. Your partner does not have a purpose in life but you do (does not know why he/she was created … has no contribution to the universe)

18. Your partner has a purpose in life but you don't (you will not get half of the things he/she does and will misunderstand the rest)

19. Conversations turn into fights and the communication channel is blocked (you seem to speak different languages)

20. Your partner asks you out last minute (it means that you are the last option if everything else does not work)

21. Your partner cancels outings last minute (something better came up)

22. There is a lot of uncomfortable silence on the phone (tension)

23. There is a lot of meaningless chit chat when you meet face to face (boredom)

24. Your relationship is based on sex/ physical attraction (after a while you will not even want that)

25. Your relationship lacks passion (he/she is emotionally unavailable)

26. You break up a lot or you wish you could break up but you can't (too much turbulence)

27. You cannot think of having kids with that person (you have the impression that they will be uninvolved and unreliable … you will feel like a single parent)

28. You do not think that this person would make a good enough mother/father for your kids (too aggressive, too selfish, too immature, too intimidating …etc.)

29. You know that this person cannot handle tough times and is easily breakable (If you have a kid with special needs he/she will walk away or would totally blame you for it)

30. You are sick and the last person you want to see is your partner (you cannot show your weakness for fear that he/she will use it against you or will lose interest and leave you)

31. You do not trust your partner's sense of judgment (you feel that you have a better head … or his/her logic is flawed)

32. You do not trust your partner in your absence (his/her code of ethics is dysfunctional)

33. You cry … a lot (you are just sad inside out)

34. You feel angry at yourself (it shows in sudden mood swings and while driving)

35. You have experienced physical or verbal abuse (and you blamed yourself for it)

36. You are afraid of your partner (you feel he/she is flammable material)

37. Your partner is jealous of you and your achievements (look out for sarcasm and sudden rain on your parade)

38. Your partner enjoys seeing you suffer (this is the only way he/she gains power over you)

39. Your partner puts you down and enjoys it (this is the only way he/she can distract you from your goals)

40. Your partner does not care if you are sad or upset ("relax" and off he/she goes to see friends)

41. You do not feel supported, understood, or appreciated (you feel neglected and hurt)

42. You have to hide stuff from your family and friends (because everyone will blame you for accepting this treatment)

43. You feel single and looking (everything about you is screaming lack of fulfillment)

44. You feel that your partner is selfish (You and your needs are off his/her radar)

45. You feel that your partner is lazy (you do not even want to burden him/her with requests)

46. You feel that you will never be together (you can silence the voice of reason but your gut feeling knows better)

47. Maintaining the relationship feels like hard labor (you are always exhausted)

48. You feel that you are the only one working hard to keep the relationship on track (or else it will fall apart)

49. You lose respect for that person (the thought of that person is revolting)

50. You wish you could push a delete button and that person, your memories, and your pain would just vanish (there is no delete button … we all know that! But there is a delete and block button that helps you move on)


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