Imagine what 20 million Egyptians could do

Date posted: December 5, 2008

Naguib Sawiris's Mobinil is positioned as the leading mobile service operator in Egypt. Scene & Heard hails Mobinil's inspirational campaign "Imagine what 20 million Egyptians could do."

We don't know if you guys have heard the new Ad campaign for Mobinil on the radio, but we are honestly impressed! It hovers on the verge of a Public Service announcement pointing out how much better our country could be if we all worked together…20 million Egyptians could build a thousand pyramids, could clean up Cairo's streets in minutes, could make each others day by just smiling…We honestly have to give it to them for thinking this through and coming out with a meaningful message… Underneath the message Mobinil smartly points out how those same 20 million Egyptians, were able to get together and do have one thing in common…their all subscribers to their service! Now if only we could get 20 million of us to get together for a cause…ahhh only in a perfect world! Ad in Arabic below

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