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Kareem Amer is Free! Is He?

Kareem Amer is Free! Is He?

The angry fanatic intolerant bigoted ignorant mob is after you! They are bloodthirsty hounds cheering for your head - please run! Leave Egypt!... (Continue reading)

هل أصبح كريم عامر حر بالفعل؟

هل أصبح كريم عامر حر بالفعل؟

بعد ضياع أربع سنوات من عمره و بعد تجربة السجن بتهمة اختلاف الفكر و الرأى - هل ممكن أن يجد كريم عامر حريته فى مصر؟... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Why do we arrest those who do not fast?

For the first time in Egypt, the Ministry of Interior arrests Muslims who eat and drink in public during Ramadan. Activists on Twitter said the arrests are illegal and the Ministry proves they are!... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Prison Awaits Those who don’t Fast in Ramadan

Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is the 4th pillar of Islam where Muslims are expected to refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset as an exercise of self-discipline and penance that has a deeper spiritual level.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: US “Activist” Travis Randall Deported

American journalist Travis Randall has been denied entry to Egypt and then deported. Bloggers react to his treatment in this round up of posts by Marwa Rakha. ... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Baha’is attacks spark outcry

On April 2, several human rights organizations headed to the public prosecutor in solidarity with the Baha'is who were assaulted in Sohag after a journalist called them reverts and urged people to kill them.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Gamal Eid detained and deported from Jordan

The Jordanian intelligence prevents Gamal Eid, the General Manager of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), from entering Jordan ... (Continue reading)

The Egyptian Ministry of “Hisbah” – Fact or fiction?

The Egyptian Ministry of

This word "hisbah" has been popping up a lot in my face lately and it is usually associated with three things: 1) Saudi Arabia 2) The Muslim Brothers 3) An Egyptian intellectual, writer, artist, or thinker.... (Continue reading)