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Egypt: Damsels in Distress

Wandering Scarab does not believe that Egyptian women know what they really want; their actions demonstrate that they don't really want equality or freedom; they do not even know what freedom is; they want to be free within cages of... (Continue reading)

Dear MAN – My name is Laila

Dear MAN - My name is Laila

I am not calling for gender equality because I know that we are different. I understand that we have different roles in life - roles that complement one another! I want to have a place by your side. I wish... (Continue reading)

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Searching for Laila’s Identity (Kolena Laila Initiative)

This year's theme was to gather audio testimonies and stories from elderly women like mothers and grandmothers, or from women who do not use the internet. Such authentic audio testimonials gave Laila an air of vividness and were expressive; they... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: First Human Rights Film Festival

Seven films about human rights are being showcased at the first Cairo Human Rights Film Festival, which continues until Thursday (November 27). Marwa Rakha previews blogger reactions on the event. ... (Continue reading)

Speaking of Sexual Harassment: Noha makes Egyptians proud!

In an unprecedented case, sexual harasser Sherif Gommaa was sentenced to three years behind bars, hard labour, and was also ordered to pay 5,001 Egyptian pounds fine to Noha Roshdy Saleh for groping her in the street. Egyptian blogger rejoice.... (Continue reading)

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