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Egypt: Crackdown on the Egyptian Da Vinci Code

Published in 2008, Dr Youssef Zidane's Azazeel (Beelzebub) created a stir, followed by resentment. Today - in 2010 - he is being accused of blasphemy and defaming Christianity and as insulting any of the 'heavenly faiths' is illegal in Egypt,... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Local Reflections on “Going Local”

Nermeen Edrees of Global Voices Online wrote about Egypt's Going Local Campaign. Today Blogger Juka celebrates the launch of the initiative's facebook group, Ahmed Al Sabbagh reacts to Facebook itself going local while another two bloggers dictate their terms to... (Continue reading)

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Book Review: Seven Thirty Wednesday Evening

Book Review: Seven Thirty Wednesday Evening

Writer, blogger, and friend Nermeen Edrees sent me a copy of السابعة و النصف مساء الأربعاء more than two months ago and I promised to read it and to tell her what I thought of it honestly. I am not... (Continue reading)