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#Jan25 #Egypt Marwa Rakha to the Huffington Post: We Fear Retribution

"In his speech... he was talking clearly about investigations, those who were behind the chaos, and those were chanting and shouting for Mubarak to leave and depart were not Egyptians. That's accusing them of grand treason!" Rakha said. "His words... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: The Ministry of Interior Seeks Revenge

Using their blogs, mobile phones, and new media, Egyptian activists have exposed numerous torture incidents by police officers over the past few years. Wael Abbas (Misr Digital),Shahinaz Abdel Salam (Wa7da Masreya), Ramy Raoof (Human Rights Defender), Amr Gharbeia (Gharbeia), Noha... (Continue reading)

Attention Bloggers: Working with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty

Attention Bloggers: Working with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty

The trainers of the workshops are Egypt's most prominent bloggers and experts in the field like Malek Mustafa, Nora Younis, Hossam El Hamalawy, Adham El Shahabi, Deema Shaheen, Wael Abbas and Marwa Rakha.... (Continue reading)

Wael Abbas is a piece of shit!

Wael Abbas is a piece of shit!

Yes! I repeat: Wael Abbas is a piece of shit! He curses and cusses at the government He curses and cusses at you He is aggressive, rude, nasty, and obnoxious I told you he is a piece of shit!... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: Cairo Airport Security Strikes Again

Now, a Palestinian-Norwegian mother of two was stopped by security as she attempted to board her flight to Amsterdam... (Continue reading)

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Egyptian Blogger Harassed at Cairo Airport (Again!)

Blogger Wael Abbas has been stopped again... (Continue reading)

Egyptian Blogger Wael Abbas: Detained at Cairo Airport

Upon his arrival from Sweden at the Cairo Airport, blogger Wael Abbas tweets the details of his detention at Cairo Airport.... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: The Right to Speak Up

Egyptian bloggers and activists held a conference on January 22 in defense of their right to speak up after more than 20 Egyptian bloggers were arrested when their train arrived in the village of Naga Hammady where the Coptic massacre... (Continue reading)

Egyptian and Tunisian Bloggers against Censorship

In December 2006 frustrated Tunisian bloggers launched the "Action Blank Post" initiative in defense of freedom of speech. Supporting bloggers from all over the world posted a blank on their blogs on the 25th of December, and now bloggers have... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Wael Abbas refuses to meet President Bush

Egyptian blogger and activist Wael Abbas just announced on his blog that he turned down an invitation to meet up with Bush. Marwa Rakha translates his post from Arabic. ... (Continue reading)