Wael Abbas is a piece of shit!

Date posted: December 15, 2009

Yes! I repeat: Wael Abbas is a piece of shit!

He curses and cusses at the government

He curses and cusses at you

He is aggressive, rude, nasty, and obnoxious

I told you he is a piece of shit!

You have every right to resent his diction

You are fully entitled to delete and block him

You are free to choose whether to associate with him or not

I would not blame you if you feel disgusted by the mere mention of his name

I would fully understand if the sight of him repulses your every living cell

He is just a piece of shit!

But if you claim to defend human rights, to have a cause, to be driven by integrity, to lend your voice to the oppressed or those who are wrongfully denied their basic rights of citizenship … then

You have no right to gloat when some guy who happens to work as a police officer wrestles him over a stupid internet connection at home and breaks his teeth just because his job gives him power

You have no right to ignore that fact that he is treated as a criminal on the run every time he sets foot in Cairo Airport

You have to right to turn a deaf ear to how his parents were terrorized at their home when officers with no search warrant or arrest order barged into their house looking for an Egyptian citizen who happened to be called Wael Abbas …. why? because the officer who knocked out Wael's teeth managed to get Wael a 6 months prison sentence in absentia!

You  have no right to forget that you are not out there to defend your friends and loved ones! You were given a voice to support those who needed it regardless of how you felt about them!

As a blogger, writer, journalist, or citizen journalist, you should support every Egyptian citizen whose dignity was violated and whose rights were trashed inside or outside the country.

Your day will come and you will learn that human rights, fairness, and the truth have no personal preference!

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