Egypt: Excellent Cat Meows for President Mubarak

Date posted: April 2, 2010


Mo-ha-med posted a note about Mumtaz El Qott's article where he mentioned that Egyptians want to get visas to Germany to wish President Mubarak a speedy recovery after his surgery.

Mo-ha-med writes:

Mumtaz El Qott is editor-in-chief of government newspaper Al-Akhbar. Akhbar once used to have a little bit of an edge over Al-Ahram – a few of their columnists did veer away from the party line at times – but now it's just a second-tier state propaganda medium.

Mr El Qott – whose first name means "Excellent" and his last "the cat", wrote an incrediblyridiculous article – entitled 'Thank God you're well'. The Twittersphere found it so hilarious that a new hastag was created: #ExcellentNawNaw.


The Wiki entry - Screen shot by Mohammed Dahshan
The Wiki entry – Screen shot by Mo-ha-med 


Someone also created a wiki page for Mr The Cat and Mo-ha-med posted a screen shot in case the article is removed and linked it to the Facebook group!

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