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Montessori Egypt: Montessori Materials in Egypt for Sale

Montessori Egypt Materials for Sale

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Why am I selling our Montessori homeschooling materials?

This is a highly emotional time for me, because as many of you know, my son has grown independent, and he no longer relies on our Montessori Egypt materials in our homeschooling journey. Thus, everything is for sale including shelving and storage units.

Although the Montessori materials are used, it is worth mentioning that all materials are in mint condition and are not missing any pieces.

Am I stopping my online Montessori courses and activities?

Homeschooling in Egypt is a journey that started 12 years ago, and now we are moving to a different phase of the journey. Adam is now enrolled in an online school, and he is starting middle school soon.

Montessori Egypt by Marwa Rakha will continue providing parents and educators with online Montessori courses, and attachment parenting articles, thus I am just selling Montessori materials.

What ages are the materials suitable for?

The Montessori materials are complete and cover the age groups from 3-12 years, yet some materials can be used until 14 years. I also have some materials from 0-3 years of age, but they are not a complete set.

The lists below are not an inventory; hence, I am only giving you an idea of what to expect.

I have studied and used all these materials personally, consequently, you might find comfort in knowing that the use and purpose of each activity is explained in my online Montessori courses.

Practical Life Montessori Materials

Dressing Frames Stand for 6 x 2

Buttoning Frame With Small Buttons

Buttoning Frame With Large Buttons

Bow Tying Frame

Lacing Frame

Hook and Eye Frame

Safety Pin Frame

Snapping Frame

Zipping Frame

Buckling Frame

Shoe Buttoning Frame

Sensorial Materials

1- Cylinder Block (Part 1)

2- Cylinder Block (Part 2)

3- Cylinder Block (Part 3)

4- Cylinder Block (Part 4)

Knobless Cylinders (Set of 4)

Pink Tower

Pink Tower Stand

Box with Cubes for Pink Tower

Brown Stair (Brown Lacquer)

Box with Prisms for Brown Stairs (Natural)

Long Red Rods

Stands for Long Red Rods & Numerical Rods

1- Color Tablets (1st Box)

2- Color Tablets (2nd Box)

3- Color Tablets (3rd Box)

4- Color Tablets (4th Box)

Rough and Smooth Boards

Rough Gradation Tablets

Smooth Gradation Tablets

Smooth Gradation Board

Baric Tablets With Box

Geometric Demonstration Tray

Cards For Geometric Demonstration Tray

Geometric Cabinet

Geometric Form Cards

Box for Geometric Form Cards & Leaf Cards x 5 at least

Geometric Cabinet Control Chart

Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature Cards

Sound Boxes

Constructive Triangles In Five Boxes

Constructive Blue Triangles

Fabric Box

Mystery Bag (Geometric Shapes)

Thermic Tablets

Blindfold With Velcro Fasteners

1- Geometric Solids With Stands

2- Geometric Plane Figures With Box

3- Geometric Solids Tray

4- Geometric Cards w/ Tray

5- Geometric Solids Copy Masters

Pressure Cylinders

Roman Arch

Binomial Cube

Trinomial Cube

Language Arts Materials

Lower Case Sandpaper Letters – Print

Capital Case Sandpaper Letters – Print

Box for the Sandpaper Letters x 2

Lower Case Double Sandpaper Letters – Print

Box for the Lower Case Double Sandpaper

Lower Case Medium Movable Alphabet (Print, Mix Blue

Upper Case Medium Movable Alphabet (Capital, Print,

Medium Movable Alphabet Box (Upper

Medium Movable Alphabet Box (Lower

Metal Insets

Metal Insets Stands

Paper for Metal Insets

Box for Paper

Metal Insets Tracing Tray

Printed Alphabet Box

Printed Alphabet (Red)

Detective Adjective Exercise

Holder for 3 Pencils

Greenboards with Double Lines and Squares (2 pcs)

Reading / Sentence Analysis Set

Solid Grammar Symbols

Tray for Solid Grammar Symbols

Basic Paper Grammar Symbols

Additional Basic Paper Grammar Symbols

15 Compartments Grammar Symbols Box

Full Set: Grammar Boxes

Grammar Filing Boxes

Grammar Command Boxes

Command Box in Natural Finish

Math, Geometry, Algebra – Part 1

Stands for Long Red Rods & Numerical Rods

Numerical Rods

Printed Numerals (USA Print)

Printed Numerals Box

Sandpaper Numerals (USA Print)

Sandpaper Numerals Box

Spindle Box With 45 Spindles (USA Print)

Cut-Out Numeral and Counters (USA Print)

Small Numerical Rods

Stamp Game

Stamp Game Paper, 15 Problems

Cards with Box Large Wooden Number (1-9000)

Small Wooden Number Cards With Box (1-9000)

Teen Boards (USA Print)

Hundred Board

Control Chart for Hundred Board

Hundred Board Copy Masters

Addition Strip Board

Addition Equations and Sums Box

Subtraction Strip Board

Subtraction Equations and Differences Box

Multiplication Bead Board

Multiplication Equations and Products Box

Division Bead Board

Division Equations and Dividends Box

Small Bead Frame

Paper for Small Bead Frame (50 Sheets)

Large Bead Frame

Paper for Large Bead Frame (50 Sheets)

Power of 2 cube

Wooden Fraction Circles

Wooden Fraction Circles Stands

Large Fraction Skittles

Stand for Large Fraction Skittles

45 Wooden Square of 100

10 Wooden Cube of 1000

45 Golden Bead Bars of 10 with Wooden Box

Golden Bead Hundred x 10

Golden Bead Thousand Cube x 5

Colored Bead Stairs

Tray for Colored Bead Stairs

Hanger for Color Bead Stairs

Golden Bead Chains of 100

Golden Bead Chains of 1000

100 and 1000 Chain Frame

Black and White Bead Stairs

Colored Bead Chains & Squares

Short Bead Chains Frame

Math, Geometry, Algebra – Part 2

Teen Bead Box

Teen Bead Hanger

Addition Snake Game

Subtraction Snake Game

Elementary Negative Snake Game

Introduction to Decimal Quantity w/ Trays

Bead Decanomial

Unit Bead Cup x 3

Complete Bead Materials (Cabinet not Included)

Bead Cabinet

Arrows for Complete Bead Materials

Printed Arrows for 100/1000 Bead Chains

Printed Arrows for Short Bead Chains

Bank Game

Arithmetic Signs Box

Dot Exercise

Long Division

27 Large Skittles

Checker Board

Decimal Checker Board

Number Tiles

Flat Bead Frame

Table of Pythagoras

Patterns for Square Root

Algebraic Peg Board

Pegs for the Algebraic Peg Board

Colored Counting Bars

Cubing Material

Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles

Decimal Fraction Exercise

Decimal Fraction Board

Yellow Triangles for Area x 2

Stand for Height x 2

Five Yellow Prisms

Multibase Material

Chart for Multibase Material

Number Cards for Geometric Hierachy

Centesimal Circle & Protractor

Geometric Stick Material

Wood Triangles: 4 Plates

Wood Squares: 9 Plates

Theorem of Pythagoras

Equivalent Figure Material

Elementary Geometric Solids

Geometric Hierarchy of Numbers Complete Set

Botany and Zoology

Box for Geometric Form Cards & Leaf Cards

Botany Cabinet

Leaf Cards

Control Chart: Botany Cabinet Control Chart

Cards: Botany Cabinet Nomenclature Cards

Activity: Botany Puzzle Activity Set

Botany Puzzle Copy Masters

Botany Puzzle Cabinet

Leaf Puzzle

Tree Puzzle

Flower Puzzle

Activity Animal Puzzle Activity Set

Animal Puzzle Copy Masters

Animal Puzzle Cabinet

Horse Puzzle

Frog Puzzle

Fish Puzzle

Turtle Puzzle

Bird Puzzle

Land Animal Puzzles Activity Set (Part 1)

Land Animal Puzzles Copy Masters (Part 1)

Cat Puzzle

Dog Puzzle

Pig Puzzle

Hippopotamus Puzzle

Koala Puzzle


Colored Globe

Sandpaper Globe

Map Cabinet

Cards of the World Parts

1st Set of Land and Water Form Trays

2nd Set of Land and Water Form Trays

Land Form Cards

Land Form Cards Box

Puzzle Map of Australia

^ Australia Labels

Australia Control Map – Labeled

Australia Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of Asia

^ Asia Labels

Asia Control Map – Labeled

Asia Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of Africa

^ Africa Labels

Africa Control Map – Labeled

Africa Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of South America

^ South America Labels

South America Control Map – Labeled

South America Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of North America

^ North America Labels

North America Control Map – Labeled

North America Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of Europe

^ Europe Labels

Europe Control Map – Labeled

Europe Control Map – Unlabeled

Puzzle Map of World Parts

Continent Labels

^ World Control Map – Labeled

World Control Map – Unlabeled

World Map, Flags and Stand

Montessori-Inspired Materials

From Michael Olaf Store. Unfortunately, they no longer sell those items.

French, book and CD 
Spanish, book and CD 
Russian, book and CD 
English, book and CD
Italian, book and CD 
German, book and CD 
Color Paddles, Set/6
Metal Triangle 

Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Book
If You're Happy and You Know It, board book 

Wee Sing Fingerplays, CD and booklet 
Cursive Tracking Board 
Montessori "letter work" book 
Set 1 (Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh) 
Set 2 (Gauguin, Degas, Rousseau, Seurat) 
Seasons Board Books, set of 4  
People Book
Set of 10 Large Composer Pictures 

Apple Slicer

Land & Water Form Cards, Set I

Rock Matching, Set I

Rock Matching, Set 2

Electric Circuit Set

Switch On, Switch Off 0

Montessori "number work" book

Large Insects Pictures, set/10

Large Insects II Pictures, set of 10

Leaf & Flower Press

Garden Watering Can

Shell Collection & Matching Cards

Fossil Pairs to Match

Large Amphibian Pictures, set/10

Large Reptile Pictures, set/10

Geography Puzzles, Set/5

Peruvian Rainstick

Great Art Picture Set (10)

From Melissa & Doug

There are many more items, but they are no longer on their site.

Lace & Trace Pets

Lace & Trace Farm

Construction Worker Role Play Costume Set

Chef Role Play Costume Set

Magician Role Play Costume Set

Role Play Collection – Action Adventure

Terrific Toppers! Dress-Up Hats Role Play Set

Role Play Collection – Top This! Role-Play Hats

Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles

Self-Correcting Number Puzzles

Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle – 27 Pieces

World Map Floor Puzzle – 33 Pieces

Beneath the Waves Search & Find Floor Puzzle – 48 pieces

Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set

Felt Play Food – Sandwich Set

Felt Play Food – Pizza Set

Sunny Hill Farm Search & Find Floor Puzzle – 48 pieces

Human Anatomy Floor Puzzle – Double-Sided – 100 Pieces

USA Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Picture Window Sound Sorting Set

Underwater Floor Puzzle – 48 PiecesSolar System Floor Puzzle – 48 Pieces

Montessori Egypt: Miscellaneous Items

Our Montessori homeschool is enriched with many activities, educational models, and support materials, and they are all for sale.

Robotics Kits – EV3 and more

Kano Coding Kit

Full History Curriculum (The Story of the World Volumes and Activity Books)

History Interactive Timelines Wall Posters

Full Language Arts Curriculum

Full STEM Curriculum

Practical Life items (various)

Geology Collection (Rocks & Minerals)

Animal Figurines (CollectA – Schleich – Safari LTD.)

Animal Lifecycles

Montessori Interactive Wall Calendars (English and Arabic)

Vertebrates and Invertebrates pictures and x-rays

Full library of books and encyclopedias

Language arts objects and figurines

Continent boxes and folders

Body Systems Educational Models

Chemistry Lab

Science Experiments Kits

Supporting printed material – in all curriculum areas

A variety of wall maps including one relief map of the Middle East

Egypt Map Puzzles

World Globes

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Wooden Montessori Shelves

Ikea Trolleys

من هي مروة رخا؟
مروة رخا: موجهة مونتيسوري معتمدة دولياً من الميلاد حتى 12 عام. Marwa Rakha: Internationally certified Montessori educator from birth to 12 years.

بدأت “مروة رخا” رحلتها مع “نهج وفلسفة المونتيسوري” في نهاية عام 2011 بقراءة كتب “د. ماريا مونتيسوري” عن الطفل والبيئة الغنية التي يحتاجها لينمو ويزدهر. تلت القراءة الحرة دراسة متعمقة للفلسفة والمنهج مع مركز أمريكا الشمالية للمونتيسوري

“North American Montessori Center”