Message about dating from a guy (very interesting)

Date posted: June 17, 2010



Dear marwa,

I've been in a serious relation for a long time. it ended about 2 years ago!
I haven't gone out in a date since. I am wondering if you have any dating advice for me

And why don’t you go out on a date?
Is it
1) No one interesting?
2) Scared? Of what?
3) You are still in love with the other girl?
What is stopping you?
The thing is I really don't know. may be I haven't met anyone interesting or I am very busy focusing in working and studying…. "and I have to."
I don’t understand
Why do you have to date?
If you are happy the way you are and if you did not meet anyone special and if you are busy working, then why do you have to date?
Things do not happen like that ………….. you cannot force yourself into a relationship just because of pressure

well Marwa thats the point how can I get a date if I am always busy…

and yes I happy the way I am but what does that have to do with going on a date every while and then
Ok .. let's imagine this
Let's say …. This great girl decides to visit you at home … if you are not home, she will leave. If you open the door but you are too busy to listen and talk, she will get bored and leave. If your home is a mess and feels uncomfortable, she will leave. If you are always on the phone, she will feel unwelcomed and leave. If you have nothing to offer her, she will leave. If you do not tell her and show her how beautiful and special she is, she will leave.
Your life is your home.
And your life now is not welcoming for any girl
First of all thumbs up for the way you put your words : )
but if I can honestly  say my opinion and I am not trying to be judgmental or anything here  but I think  its a shame things have to go this way… why do girls have to set this  high standards. does this type of a guy really exist or they are just under pressure because of the community..!
It has nothing to do with women or men or gender
Look at it the other way round …. you like a girl but she is too busy .. too negative .. too aggressive …. too careless … would you still be interested?
If you want to attract someone good to your life … you need to pave the way.
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