Recorded Advice: Uncertainty

Date posted: May 21, 2009

hi marwa i hope ur fine  u mentioned b4 mara7el el 7ob wel stages beltarteeb.. about the second one.. being uncertain.. how should i know if it's the right thing to continue in this relationship or not??

i'll quote 4m u "khalas keda howa da.. mesh yemken fi a7san and so" and why settle down now at this young age and that i may find some1 else later on that catches my eyes.

now i'm the girl and i'm the 1 whose being uncertain and the meshmesh is being patient w sayebly bara7 as i shall quote 4m u also.

my question is… how to pass this uncertainity stage and take that great decision and commit to that certain some1 and we're talking about marriage here which is a huge step and a huge decision to take!!
it's not like… shall i be his friend no it's "shall i be his wife?"
thx alot marwa 4 ur time 


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