Recorded Advice: I do not like Egyptian Girls

Date posted: May 21, 2009


Hi again Marwa.. hope u r fine.
Marwa I've a problem that I wanted to ask your advice about.

Simply, I don't really agree with the Egyptian culture, customs and traditions, or the way the community here thinks.

That's why I can't fall in love with any Egyptian girl easily.. and even when I felt some admiration for a girl, I failed to make it love because she thinks it's inappropriate to talk to guys.

It's really confusing because I feel I'm alone and I don't feel I belong here. Of course I have friends and some of them are girls.. yet I wouldn't feel with any of those girls that we can get on one day.

That also makes me shy a little bit, because I always think of what I'm doing and whether it's acceptable by them or not.. and I never take any initiation when it comes to dealing with people. Though it's not my original nature. You know when I deal with westerners I'm totally different, I become free and outgoing, and I impress them once we meet or talk.

I'm waiting for your advice about that. And thank you.

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