Recorded Advice: Engaged and in love with someone else

Date posted: April 21, 2009

hi marwa 
this is the first time i try to tell any one my problem by this way but ur opinions challenge me to do that ..
plz answer me 

i am engaged after a love story like all people say or believe !! its continued for 6 year …i am 22 years old and he is a smaller than me 6 months ….this is the first  problem on my opinion … and as u understood now we began this relationship when we was in a secondary school..and this is the second problem that i know ..cause our thoughts and our feeling weren't completed..
i am trying to tell u the main mistakes in this relationship to see the full view ..

but before the engagement ..the only thing i wanted was this engagement for not doing any thing secretly before most year of stress and problems with my family as our society refuse this secret relationships and when my parents knew about it ,my life turned to be hell till he came and engaged me …in this time i feel that i can breathe before more time of tiredness ..
and still 2 months with the happiness of achievement the dream of my life!!

but suddenly i waked up ….what did i do of myself?…is the love make me really blind ??…what can i do to finish this illusion?….
at this 6 years we knew each other …i sacrificed more to keep this love from lost..and do what u can't imagine for him to keep him with me all people say "no girl can bear his toughness and his treatment" ..
all the time there was no respect in our relation specially from him..
but i believed that i cant stand the time with out him and i should bear all that and keep this relationship..
i can't say he isn't love me ..may be i cant found any one love me like his love ..but his love make me blind ..
now  i waked up and trying to imagine us in one home …i cant …i am seeing him won't respect me ..he will hit me ..and i know well that he couldn't  be responsible for our family..i cant tell you more details by write …but i feel that i am in a prison and cant do any thing for escaping it ..because my parents refuse finishing the engagement and all the time tell me that he was my choose … i am really weak ..can't do any thing to finish it … i know i was wrong to right my self but  i can't stand up against them because all what they say is right .. i am the cause of all that ..

another important thing i want to tell you about the last 2 years i knew another person he was just real friend for me but my feeling grew toward him ..and he also feel like me ..but we respected my engagement and decided to stay away .. this person was the contrary of my fiance on all things ..when i just talk with him i feel like i fly ..really i respect him ..respect his thoughts ..all thing of him ..he love me more  than i love him .. and i shocked when i knew that he is the real love i met ever and really feel it ..but we cant find any solution to be together ..and still away 

the problem now that it is  no relation between me and my fiance since 2 months .. but i can't finish the engagement ..when my father make him coming to sit down with us we act like we are the happiest fiances in the world ..and this hurt me so much .. and put me in more stress ..
i can't bear all what he do with me specially before i feel like a queen with another one in his treatment …

i was hear your replay of one problem ..u tell the girl that she is addicted the man she loved .. i like this phrase and feel it so much .. i know that i am addicted the other person ..and i tried to prevent myself of anything can make me close to him .. i really feel more time that i am lost and i am very weak .. but i decided ..

now it is difficult to turn back to my fiance like i did .. but i should try to turn my heart back to him ..and i should try to be convinced for him …that is  the only solution i found …

please tell me how can i do it ?? and your opinion of what should i do ??

please marwa don't deny me  ..

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