Recorded Advice: Why did she leave me?

Date posted: April 21, 2009

well..i'm kind shy being a guy and this windows's called"fe-mail"..but i dont think anyone else could offer me better help.

i liked what u said abput premarital sexual intimacy that "ur ok with those who r into it..and ur also ok with those who r saving themsleves…but ur not ok with those whor being hyppocrites".


as 4 me ..i'm from the 2nd type… i dont accept bein with soemone whos had sexual encunters b4 me so i 'm tryin 2 b the same…i fell in love witha gurl about two years ago , i told her about my feelings but she was indicisve and vague in her answer,

i cahsed her for quite soemtime till she told me she already had someone else in her life but the relationship was facin diffuclties so she didnt know what to answer me when i told her of my feelings, accordingly i walked away from her life wishing her well,

tiem passed by and about 3 months ago we met and she told me she ended the other relationship…so we started talkin again and i told her i still had my feelings and it seemed wer havin a healthy start..then i got word from someone that she hasnt broken up with her old bf. and she was still fooling me till she chose among us…

naturally i ddnt belive that at once and i decided to face her 1st…the surpirse was she didnt try to defend herself or even answer my question..she just got mad and said as long as i let myself hear what others say then she didnt want to be with me ….i got mad in turn and pressured her …what shocked was

her last words and i quote" i'm sorry..i made a mistake and u can naver trust me.. i'm not a bad person but every one has his flaws" these words were devastating…not cuz i was heart broken..but cuz i could never belive she was the kind of gurl who'd get into a sexual rlelationship …she never accepted goin out with me …she wouldnt hang out with me in college 4 alogn time cuz"ppl keep talking about us"…

besides she seemed so pure… most my guy friends( and many of them have been into sexual relations) tell me the word"misatke has but one meaning ….that she did some thing with her 1st bf and she wont face me ..but "mesh 3yez azlmha" …i've been tryin hard to ask her what she meant by her "mistake" but she always evaded the question…i'm utterly bewildered here..i dotn wanna lose someone over suspicion but on the other hand i cant accept savin myself 4 someone who hasnt .. ..what do u think…

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