Recorded Advice: Fat cute funny but always a brother never a lover

Date posted: April 17, 2009

hi, i dnt want to give u a hrad time so i will go straight to the point but the only problem here is that i dnt knw wats my problem i simply dnt get it i just watched u on tv on "dream tv" and i felt that i want to write to you i just felt that expressing to u how do i feel may help, if u realy get this message plz give it a try and help me plz, i am an egyptian guy turning 21 next saturday 
i lived all my childhood in saudi arabia i had the life style u watch in a typical american tv series everything was bright and easy i was never the star of my friends but i was the "fat cute" funny guy that everyone luved, i used to luv one of my friends so much but it was one side luv so it never workd suddenly it was cllg time i had to move to egypt and u can say my misery started here,

everything is different and strange i am studying engineering in AAST "alexandria" and i am nt doing well in cllg coz it wasnt realy my choice to be an engineer anyhow long story short i met a girl in cllg and i luved here so much i tried to change everything abt me just to make her happy but i enterd her best friend zone so to her i was the guy she would later come and tell him that she is inlove with some other guy and ask for advice although she knew i have feeling for here, after 4 yrs i cnt fully get over her and i cnt move on with my life , i even cant pass in cllg although i am average igcse student so i am nt realy that bad thats it for me i see everyone moving on with life and i am stuck in my place i would to listen to ur advice if u can offer any.
thx a million times if u realy read this message and goodluck in ur life u seem to be a good person.


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