Campus Magazine c) How to get over a broken heart?

Date posted: August 17, 2010


How to get over a broken heart?


1) Do not resist the need to grieve – cry for a couple of days then snap out of it!


2) Do not hold on to memories of what was or dreams of what could have been; places, movies, scents, music, food, or anything that evokes the damn nostalgia is prohibited.


3) Get out of your comfort zone; you need to do something new and out of habit. Try a new hobby, new friends, new entertainment, new hairdo, new language to learn, new country to visit … reinvent the person you know yourself to be!


4) Sports! Yes! Please! A great source for those much needed endorphins (happy hormones)


5) Pets … unconditional love when everyone else seems to fail you.


6) Community service and volunteer work; this would give a value to your existence beyond any pain a human being can cause. You will become a part of a bigger picture and you will realize how tiny that failed relationship was.


7) Laugh a lot; fake it until you make it. Bit by bit happiness will crawl back into your life – just pave the way.


8) Do not waste your energy on making your ex suffer – or dreaming of making the ex suffer – put that energy into moving on with your life.


9) Do not jump into another relationship (a rebound) for this will only enhance your sense of misery and loneliness.


10) Learn from your mistakes and do not make others pay for them. Be honest with yourself and remember that life is a continuous journey of self discovery and evolution.

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