Campus Magazine b) How to move out of your parent’s home?

Date posted: August 17, 2010


How to move out of your parent’s home?

حاجة شبة الموضوع دا بالعربى

(This plan should start at the age of 18 but it is never too late to start!)


1) Get a university degree (any one)


2) During your university years, take extra courses in the evenings (Languages, soft skills, technical workshops … etc)


3) In the summer, get an internship in a company that you would like to join when you graduate.


4) Once you graduate, get a job – this should not be difficult if you applied the previous three steps.


5) Once you embark on a certain career, ask yourself how much money you would like to earn – as simple as that!


6) Ask yourself which companies and what positions pay that much. Then turn yourself into the ideal candidate they would want to hire.


7) I see a lot of people dreaming of joining multinational companies but they never cared to improve their English. Others dream of working in sales but they never invested in enhancing their communication and negotiation skills. Some neglect their personal appearance and many just sit there and complain that there are no jobs out there! It is a matter of supply and demand – if your qualifications are a dime a dozen then do not expect miracles.


8) If you start working on this plan when you are 18, by the time you are 28 you can secure a down payment for a decent house, have a self financed car, and live in a rented apartment until you can move into your own.


9) Many people will make fun of you – don’t let them discourage you!


10) Your family will respect you tenacity and will trust you to live on your own.


PS. Living on your own does not mean you hate your family or that you are running away; it is simply the natural urge of healthy human beings to leave the nest.

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