A Word of Advice to the Therapist in Birell Ads – By Hala Mohamed

Date posted: September 28, 2011




3amelha b.adab,

mate7tagsh el shanab!


عاملها بأدب ما تحتاجش الشنب


This is not another cliche', about a feminist writing a piece about gender equality or note to all the guys out there that women have the very same right to stand up for a cause they support.


In fact, I'm writing this piece as a response to the therapist of the famous "Birell" commercial. I watched it, and I found it hilarious; I did laugh! At that time, never did I think about "responding". Then last night, it just popped to my mind; I just came up with that response (the title of the piece)!


As far as the commercial is concerned, besides marketing for the product of course, the therapist mentioned that women cannot grow their moustaches. The truth is we actually CAN! But we will never do this, simply because it's not feminine.


We all know about the bachelor parties prepared in foreign countries. The groom and his friends spend that night doing whatever they please! They drink, they hire female strippers; aka beye5rbooha, assuming that after marriage they will never have such freedom from their wives, which is pretty unfair!


Here in Egypt, bachelor parties are not quite the same. In fact, married men prepare for "bachelor parties" weekly, where they meet at a friend's, order delivery, get their playstation! And they still have fun; then they say their wives are eating away their freedom!


Equivalent to bachelor parties, there's something called a Girls' Night Out; which is mostly spent at home! Girls plan to meet, bake cookies, prepare their favorite comfort zone: the couch … watch a chick flick or cry before Sweet November; which freak guys out! And girls still have fun!


The thing is that a bachelor party is like a man's world … and girls' night out is like a woman's.


As a girl, I say: In a woman's world, a woman can take much care of herself. It's not that we take care of ourselves only when we know there are going to be guys in the room. We are still going to be clean and immaculate! We are still going to wear dresses and high heels. And yeah, we don't wear flat shoes in cars and put on the heels once we're in front of the hotel! We are still going to wear perfume … so definitely we will never grow our moustaches.


Back to the freaky therapist, he mentioned "El 7ad el adna lel regoola 3nd el sett 3elyy … w shan te3almha el adab; lazem terabellha el shanab. El shaneb sa7er loh heeba mosh mafhoma!" Luckily the feminist inside of me didn't take over; I maintained to find the "joke" and laugh!


The truth is: Moustache, no moustache … boobs, no boobs; it's the character that matters. Moustaches don't give that prestige. Curves are not why men stay. And you know it!


When you respect your partner, you'll get the best of her.

When you get your unique confident character, you'll be sexy in his eyes.

Gents, learn the art of respecting a woman.

Ladies, learn the real art of being sexy!

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