Egypt: Sexual Harassment Victim Stabbed to Death

Date posted: November 6, 2008

I received an invitation to join a group named "Dr. Shaimaa Fouad … May you rest in Peace." I did not know her and I wondered why anyone would invite me to such a group. Little did I know! Dr. Shaimaa Fouad died defending herself.

Desert Cat wrote (AR):

The 30 year old Shaimaa was an assistant professor at the faculty of dentistry – Ain Shams University. The doorman's 18 year old son watched her apartment and once her parents and sister left he knocked on her door to tell her that her car is parked in a no parking area. She gave him her keychain that included her car keys and the keys to the apartment. He took the car for a quick drive then found his way into the apartment using the keys he had. He grabbed a knife from the kitchen and headed to her bedroom where she was sleeping. He tried to rape her but she resisted and pushed him away. He stabbed her 16 (other reports say 17) times until she died.

Desert Cat is angry at how the society deals with such cases saying:

Dr. Shaimaa deserves mercy and may her soul rest in peace but those psychopaths who roam our society finding excuses for criminals and harassers are pathetic. They will claim that she used to seduce him with revealing clothes or that she opened the door when she was not properly dressed. We have heard of such point of views many a time but let me ask you "idiots" how did he see her revealing clothes when he was the one stalking her and watching her apartment? Where did he see her clothes when she was inside her bedroom? Do those people even think before justifying such ungodly crimes? Did they ever imagine going home one day to find their wife or sister or daughter the next victim? To those who blame the woman for anything evil that befalls her just because she is a female, I would ask you to shut up and I would pray that you experience such a horrific incident first hand and let's see what you will say then.

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