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Egypt’s Sexual Harassment Protection Law: Snatch It if you Lack It

Egypt’s Sexual Harassment Protection Law: Snatch It if you Lack It

If we are going to justify harassment on the basis of economic conditions, then we can use the same concept to justify theft and murder! Let's also justify pedophilia, incest, and rape. No! Let's make it a general rule: If... (Continue reading)



HarassMap is a way for women and men who want to return to these more respectful times to support each other.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Youth using social media to close the gap

Egypt: Youth using social media to close the gap

“Closing The Gap” project consisted of three phases which took place in a partnership between The Egyptian Life Center for Creativity and Culture jointly with the American Freedom House organization. Its primary phase included an intensive workshop that took place... (Continue reading)

Sexually Harassed at Home!

Sexually Harassed at Home!

Sexually Harassed at Home! Wait! Do not turn the page! Do not say it will never happen to my daughter! I had to delete many parts of the story to secure the anonymity of the sender; nonetheless, the story remains horrifying!... (Continue reading)

Egypt: On Street Activists and Citizen Journalists

Between online activists, citizen journalists, and street demonstrators, it seems that the cause lost it's purpose and the Internet turned into a soundproof room for cursing and cussing.... (Continue reading)

Sexual Harassment in Egypt

Sexual Harassment in Egypt


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Egypt: Celebrities sans Diplomacy

Bikya Masr reported two stories a couple of days apart about celebrity blunders and lack of tact.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Bloggers call for a fun-filled harassment-free Eid

As Eid Al Fitr approaches, women in Egypt are bracing themselves for even more sexual harassment than what has already become a disturbing norm. Bloggers and online activists are also joining forces to fight the phenomenon, calling for a fun-filled... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Plans for Sexual Harassment Film Unveiled

After the success of Egypt's Anti-Harassment Day, Egyptian blogger Asser Yasser invited women to share their personal experiences with this issue.... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: Should rapists be hanged on TV?

Between examining the profile of a sexual offender in Egypt and rallying against sexual predators, an Egyptian member of parliament proposed a law that allows broadcasting the hanging of rapists live on television.... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: April 18 Declared Anti-Harassment Day

A Facebook campaign calling for a silent demonstration on April 18 against the harassment of women and girls in Egypt is slowly gathering momentum. The call for allowing Egyptian women to move around in safety in their country, was sparked... (Continue reading)

Criminal Minds: The Egyptian Sexual Offender’s Profile

Will Facebook groups, anti-harassment T-shirts, posts, articles, bloggers, and activists put an end to sexual harassment in Egypt? Wandering Scarab does not think so! Upon reading Asser Yasser's story and the blogosphere's reaction to her post, Wandering Scarab wrote:... (Continue reading)

To females traveling to Egypt … or to the US

Lebanese Dr As'ad Abu Khalil of The Angry Arab News Service tells females traveling to Egypt:... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: Bloggers Rally Against Sexual Predators

Asser Yasser is an Egyptian female blogger who recently moved to Mokattam area with her family. Her maid complained of how she got harassed on the street on her way to or from Asser's home. Her 15 year old niece... (Continue reading)

Asser’s Harassers – Egyptian Blogger Violated

Asser's Harassers - Egyptian Blogger Violated

Bloggers tell her not to .... Memebers of Kolena Laila tell her not to ... I personally tell her not to .... it is her right ... it is our right to walk in the street feeling some sort of security ...... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Uproar as Lawyer Suggests Raping Israeli Women

Voice of Egypt is ashamed of Egyptian Lawyer Nagla Al Imam, the same lawyer who made Egyptians angry, for encouraging Arab men to sexually harass Israeli women during her interview on Al Arabia TV (Ar). Marwa Rakha translates from Arabic.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: No Sexual Harassment Here, says the First Lady

Sexual harassment is a real threat in Egypt. A study shows that two-thirds of men harass women, and bloggers have repeatedly written about it -- but Egypt's first lady Suzanne Mubarak says it is not a phenomenon and just a... (Continue reading)

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Egypt: No Manhood for the Manhood Drink!

Egypt has launched a fierce campaign against sexual harassment in the aftermath of the recent events written about here on Global Voices. But people working in the media industry do not seem to get the idea as evidenced by a... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Sexual Harassment Victim Stabbed to Death

I received an invitation to join a group named “Dr. Shaimaa Fouad … May you rest in Peace.” I did not know her and I wondered why anyone would invite me to such a group. Little did I know! Dr.... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Sexual Harassment Victims, Keep your Mouth Shut!

On November 1, Al Masry Al Youm shocked its readers with an article about two girls who went to the police station to report a sexual harassment incident but instead, they were detained for six hours and harassed by the... (Continue reading)

Egypt: Noha makes Egyptians angry!

On October 24, Noha made Egyptians proud when in an unprecedented case, sexual harasser Sherif Gommaa was sentenced to three years behind bars, hard labor, and was also ordered to pay 5,001 Egyptian pounds fine to Noha Roshdy Saleh for... (Continue reading)

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Speaking of Sexual Harassment: Noha makes Egyptians proud!

In an unprecedented case, sexual harasser Sherif Gommaa was sentenced to three years behind bars, hard labour, and was also ordered to pay 5,001 Egyptian pounds fine to Noha Roshdy Saleh for groping her in the street. Egyptian blogger rejoice.... (Continue reading)

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How did I feel? Disgusted! I wanted to scream but I had no voice. I wanted to push him away but I did not. I stood there like a statue and right before he began feeling me up a door... (Continue reading)

Egypt: A Man’s Views on Sexual Harassment in Egypt

In a series of posts tackling sexual harassment in Egypt, Marwa Rakha sheds light on a male Egyptian blogger's interpretation of what is really happening on the ground. "The Sex Files," by blogger Wael Nawara presents a rather interesting perspective... (Continue reading)

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Mourning a sexually harassed Egypt – Part 2

Reuters published survey on sexual harassment in Egypt is still stirring angry responses from Egyptian bloggers. Marwa Rakha sheds light on more reactions in this post. ... (Continue reading)

Mourning A Sexually Harassed Egypt

think the 17% of women who have reported not being harassed on the streets either live under a rock & never come out, or are too ashamed to admit to it, or maybe think that saying it never happened... (Continue reading)