Date posted: May 1, 2009

According to the Theorem of Pythagoras

If Prostitution = Sex for money
If Prostitution = Sex for food
If Marriage = Legal sex for money
If Marriage = Legal sex for food


Marriage for sex = Legal Prostitution
Marriage for food = Legal Prostitution
Marriage for money = Legal Prostitution
Marriage = Prostitution


Disclaimer: This article is not targeted at those who get married because they want to share a life with a person they love, trust, and respect. I am not talking about the few who have shared goals and want to start a family together. I am talking about those who do not realize that there is life outside the bedroom – those who turned women into sex objects and men into sexual predators!

Special thanks to Maikel Nabil for his contribution to this article.


Once upon a time there was a man who met a woman. They exchanged eye-contact. She smiled. He smiled. Sex happened. Any man could have any woman any time and any woman could have any man any time.

Food for sex

Once upon a time there was a man named Hunter. Hunter had no home. He used to wander over the face of the Earth in search for prey. One day Hunter met Woman and his hormones kicked in. He gave her food and she gave him sex. The morning after Hunter left to look for another prey. He had no sense of fatherhood and he did not know how to love Woman. Hunter thought that Woman was the source of life and that she got pregnant on her own.

Food for life 4 sex for life

Once upon a time there was another man named Farmer. Farmer settled down near the river. He used to cultivate his own food. Farmer also needed sex so he agreed with Woman that she will have sex all year round in exchange of food all year round. Farmer realized that Woman got pregnant and gave birth when they mated. Farmer loved the babies and enjoyed fatherhood.

The Honeymoon

Farmer loved having female babies because when they grew up they belonged to him and instead of one Woman he had Baby Woman and more baby women. He fed them all so naturally, their bodies belonged to him. Farmer did not like his male offspring because they competed with him over the bodies of the females at home. When the boy reached puberty, Farmer would kick him out of the house. Boy resented Farmer for his cruelty and decided to take revenge. Boy learnt how to live in the wild, hunt and harvest, and once he was strong enough, he would return back to Farmer and kidnap the Woman of his choice and call her his.

The Dowry

When the honeymoon was over and when the Boy feared for his life, he would go back to Farmer (the father) and make peace offering him food and harvest in return for Baby Woman. Farmer learnt that selling Baby Woman could bring him money and gifts.


Woman learnt that she cannot hunt and she cannot be a farmer. Woman was hungry and she only had her body to offer Man – any man who paid! Hunter, Farmer, Traveler, or any Passerby would do as long as she had shelter, food, and clothes.

Civilization and Religions

Things got really messy and tribes fought over women and power. The man with more women and kids had more power. Religions regulated the mating process and turned those tribal rituals into norms and traditions. When a man wants to have sex, he chooses the woman he likes other than his mother, sisters, and aunts, goes to her father and seeks his approval by guaranteeing giving her a home, food, clothes, and security, and takes the woman on a honeymoon in celebration of their union. The father fed his daughter and took care of her to turn her into a husband-worthy gift; the prettier she was the bigger the dowry and the richer the husband.

And Today

And today I am writing this article in retrospect. I cannot help but think of how far we have come since those days. Please read the disclaimer again if you feel that I am generalizing or if you feel offended!

Yes … today … how many girls are mentally, emotionally, and financially dependent on men? How many Eves believe that they are helpless, powerless, and good-for-nothing creatures? How many men choose a luscious delicious bride to feed their fantasies? How many fathers give their daughters away to the highest bidder? How many mothers teach their daughters to be submissive women who have no say whatsoever? How many girls believe that they do not have the right to choose a man who respects them? How many girls give their lives in the name of marriage to a complete stranger? How many women are trapped in abusive marriages because they cannot provide for themselves? How many people you know remind you of how animals mate? How many women – in the name of marriage – are forced to have sex because a man paid for their services? How many families do not teach their children that marriage is all about communication, compromise, commitment, compatibility, respect, understanding, transparency, and chemistry? How many people do not know the difference between marriage and mating? How many people do not know the difference between marriage and prostitution?

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