مونتيسوري مصر- تقدمها مروة رخا

Women’s Domination – Short Story Competition



Domination is a word that brings countless thoughts and feelings when heard. Its interpretations would enlighten the dark spots in our minds and dims the ignorance one might carry. Many theories have been written on such cavernous word, yet there are much more that were never written.

Female domination has been a fact facing the world, whether through the size of their population, achievements, and even their support to the other gender. In Egypt through the past years the concept of female domination started to become more of a fact rather than just a dream. A huge part of the Egyptian economy depended on women as they started to become equally appreciated as men in the business life and judged based on their minds rather than mustaches! Still the process of dominations is moving further, and after the Egyptian Revolution women rights were not yet affected, however it made women unite, and with unity comes salvation. I wish one day as we walk the streets of Egypt, we can look up to find a full moon lighting the darkness of our sky, nonetheless, for the time being we should enjoy the miracle of a crescent turning into complete perfection…

The concept of domination in the origin means protection, as a dominant king should take care of his own kingdom, same as a queen will. Disagreeing with many opinions, female domination is not a threat to man, on the contrary, it can be the reason behind his own triumph too. Yet, the game of challenge is a very exciting one in the genes of humankind.

The Forgotten Writers Foundation is offering the first global short story competition on this theme, “Women’s Domination” and bringing the hormones of challenge for active women, men, feminists and anti-feminists. The best philosophical and psychological stories will be published in one book, along with an analysis on how different cultures define and perceive the concept of women’s domination.



Submission Period:

Starting from the International Women’s Day until 8 / May / 2012




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Good Luck

Mahmoud Mansi

The Forgotten Writers Foundation

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