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i am 17 years old i was in love with a boy who lives with me in the same street and he also loves me we didnt know that we admire eachother ana he used to stay up late at night in the street just to see me from the window and after a while he told that he loves me and we have been together from a year but from a few months we broke up because he said that we are not getting along .i am really depressed and i love him more than anything in the world and i still feel that he loves.i want him back but i cant tell him bec of my dignity i cant sleep and i cry every night since we broke up and i just want him back in my life.
note:i see him every day and i cant forget him
sry that i talk alot but just to explain to you


O hun

This is so sad and I know what I will say will not make any sense to you .. just try to think about it.

People your age are fully entitled to fall in love … it is human nature

But they make the mistake of believing that “this is it” … teenage love is strong, intense, and great but it does not last and if it lasts it stops you from growing and from exploring who you are and who you could be.

What you had was a love story and it is over …. move on … open the door for more love and more experiences .. and remember that you will change in college and you will change in your senior year in college .. and you will change again in your first year of work … and you will change again after a couple of years of work

During that time you will meet a lot of people and you will enjoy the various stages of your life … and when you have fully matured into a girl who really knows what she wants, you will make the right choice and find the man who deserves to put a ring around your finger.

Do not waste your sweet teens crying … you will wither and grow old from the inside … and we do not want that to happen

Embrace life … enjoy being young and carefree … do not play the role of a woman who is double your age … and the sea is full of fish.

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